Welcome to Zen Sphere


Zen and challenges?! Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Zen is all about a general sense of calm in life and contentment whereas challenges bring an image of sweat and tears, sleepless nights and chaotic competition.

And yet here I am. Implying that they somehow go together. No, I haven’t gone bonkers.

Too often in life, we fail to go after our dreams because our dreams scare us. And therefore, we don’t set goals at all or if we do set them, we procrastinate until something urgent comes up extinguishing the dream.  And all this time we try to live passively rationalizing our decisions by convincing ourselves that we are going with the flow.

But not if we decide to consciously challenge ourselves every day. Challenge ourselves to do things we have always wanted to do.

If we challenge ourselves to go after our dreams and get them, zen is ours for taking.

It is my utmost desire to always dream bigger, act bolder and live larger. And that’s the reason this site is born.

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